Unable to load Mozilla Firefox Profile

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Unable to load Mozilla Firefox Profile

帖子mozillausa101 » 周三 3月 25, 2020 3:51 pm

If you are having a problem loading the Mozilla Firefox, then it can because of either two situations: first, if your profile went missing and second if you have accidentally deleted it. However, in both the situation, you need to create a new profile for your Firefox, and the steps that you need to take while creating the profile are given below:
• Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser on your system.
• Go to the Settings, then click on Create a New Profile tab.
• Here you have to click on Next Button and then begin the process of choosing the folder where you want to save all your profile data.
• Click on the finish button, if you are done selecting the folder.
You can even take the help of Mozilla Firefox Tollfree Number to fix the issue altogether.

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