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Progress Manager

帖子Simon Chen » 周五 10月 26, 2012 11:04 am

Hi, what is the purpose of the Progress Manager? I remember we were told not to select it, but it sounds useful!
Simon Chen
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Re: Progress Manager

帖子Elisa » 周五 10月 26, 2012 6:25 pm

The Progress Manager measures achievement by having students take tests immediately upon entering
a new unit, and then taking the same or similar tests at a later date when they finish the study of the same unit(s) to show progress.

When selected (default), the pre-tests and post-tests scores are going to be recorded in the Study Reports which are generated automatically by the system. The data is especially useful for schools that need to demonstrate usage and progress in a period of time. However it may not be a necessary and sufficient condition to show progress. We know that as a kind of Achievement Test, Mastery Test is meant to measure students' mastery of a given unit of content after they have studied it. So it is not surprising that most students will score higher in the second test.

We recommend that this option not to be selected, unless there is a special need, to avoid the unnecessary trouble of giving students unnecessary tests, especially in schools where courseware study hours are limited and we want to save the precious time for more valuable practice.
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