Transmit audio low & poor in MeetingPlace conference

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Transmit audio low & poor in MeetingPlace conference

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I'm having a problem very difficult to diagnose. Please help!
We have a number of conference rooms with various mics, Tandberg VC units and Crestron control panels. The mics are all connected to Converge 880TA units, which we use with the Tandbergs and audio calls.The transmit audio is fine in VC calls and direct point to point phone calls. When we dial into teleconferences through MeetingPlace the audio from those conference rooms is terrible, you can hardly hear the people speaking even when they are right in front of the mics and there is a lot of background static as well as a 'schh' gating sound when users finish speaking. The issue is not only MeetingPlace though as when users dial into MeetingPlace through normal phones the sound is quite good very clear and at a good volume. There is a very faint static noticeable if no one is speaking but nowhere near as bad as it is in the conference rooms using the Converge 880TAs. So, transmit audio is shocking when dialling into MeetingPlace through the Converge 880TAs. Transmit audio is largely fine when dialling into MeetingPlace through any normal phone in the office. Transmit audio is fine using the Tandberg VCs in the conference rooms and dialling straight phone calls.Any ideas? Our theory is that there is some kind of faint background noise on Meetingplace that is being amplified by the Converge box. Would it be possible to put some kind of line filter on the PSTN lines the Converge boxes are connected to and then increase the mic input levels? Or does the Converge have this functionality?

Please help.

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Re: Transmit audio low & poor in MeetingPlace conference

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