how to tie together RM and coaching?

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how to tie together RM and coaching?

帖子josephlo_leo1 » 周一 11月 26, 2012 10:35 am

How do we bring in the RM student statistics to improve our students during our coaching sessions - just keep motivating and reminding based on the numbers, or are there methods we can use to choose expansion activities to focus on specific student weaknesses? :?
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Re: how to tie together RM and coaching?

帖子Elisa » 周一 11月 26, 2012 2:52 pm

Statistics in RM give us objective feedback on students’ learning behavior, progress and their achievements, based on which, teachers are able to prepare individualized coaching and teaching. But only using the numbers to “motivate and remind” students of the good learning method is usually not enough.

Depending on students’ specific weaknesses, we need to apply different strategies. At the very beginning, we need to give hands-on orientation to help students not only understand but also experience the effectiveness of good practice. Coaching a student to successfully repeat a long sentence through a 5-step process, for example, is a good way to show students why the number under “Rep”(Repeat Button use) matters.

Once courseware study is properly coached, teachers can then focus on what extension activities to use in class to further address students’ weaknesses. For instance, students with comprehension difficulties will need more controlled extension than freer extension. Students who have good understanding and have practiced well with the courseware can handle more fluency-based, freer extension activities.

Please consult with your DynEd trainer for more detailed suggestions.
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