Why so many courses

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Why so many courses

帖子Yue » 周一 9月 24, 2012 2:03 pm

Why are there so many courses in DynEd?

Re: Why so many courses

帖子Elisa » 周一 9月 24, 2012 2:06 pm

Of all the courses available to your students, some should be used as core course(s), the others can be used as supplementary courses, depending on students’ levels and their learning objectives. Nonetheless, we strongly recommend that students always use more than one course at the same time. Studying multi-courses at the same time can reduce the total time needed to study each course separately. We call this important effective learning strategy “Parallel Study”.

Doing Parallel Study has the following few advantages:
a. It enriches language input at any given study session, and adds vocabulary exposure.
b. It helps to retain attention. When switching from one course to another or from one type of lesson to another, students can have a variety of learning activities. They have a chance to switch focus before their brains get tired, and thus will be able to maintain relatively high level of attention for a relatively longer period of time.
c. It allows subconscious repetition of the same language patterns in different context, which reinforces mastery.
d. It helps to build long-term memory. When studying multi-courses and multi-units at the same time, students will have to spend a few more days before they can fulfill the study requirement of each part of a course. As we all know, repetitive practice over an extended period of time is what it takes to form long term memory.
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